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>      I have recently signed on this list.  My name is Valarie
> Wisniewski.  I have been practicing Hatha Yoga for 27 years, teaching
> for 14.  I have always had a borderline interest in Hinduism, one that
> has increased in the last 4-5 years. 

Dear Valarie,

Welcome to the INDOLOGY list.  I am glad you are interested in Hinduism.
I should like to direct your attention to the "terms and conditions" of
this particular discussion list, as published on the list's web site,

This list was created primarily for university-level researchers and
teachers in Sanskrit, Tamil, Persian, and other classical languages of
India, as well as those who work on related subject-based areas such as
archaeology, art, music, history of literature, etc.  One of the
prerequisites for participation is that one is a regular subscriber to, or
at least reader of, such journals as the J.  American Oriental Soc., J.
Royal Asiatic Soc., Bull. SOAS, WZDMG, Journal asiatique, ABORI, J. Baroda
Or. Inst., etc., etc. 

There are many other forums where general discussions of Hinduism, yoga,
and related topics may be carried on successfully.  But there not many
places for the detailed, technical discussions necessary between more
senior scholars.  That is where INDOLOGY comes in.  

Because the internet has gained so much in popularity in recent years, it
is necessary to guard resources like INDOLOGY, which started in 1990 with
just a few university colleagues, and make an effort to keep to their
defined subject areas. 

I certainly don't want to put you off, and you are welcome to listen to
INDOLOGY and to use it as a way of developing private correspondences with
people who are interested in the same topics as yourself.  

I hope that people seeing your message will reply to you directly, if they
wish to take the discussion further. 

All the best,

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