Krsna: contested narratives.

mrabe at mrabe at
Sat Jul 12 13:19:34 UTC 1997

>>I am looking for renditions of the story from outside
>>Puranic/Epic/Vaishnava literature (ie from Buddhist, Jain, Shaivite or
>>other sources).
>>Can anyone kindly assist me with any references?
>>Thanks.   Edwin Bryant
> I suddenly remembered something that I saw/read about a long time a
>long time ago: There is a  strong Krishna tradition that originated/
>still alive in Bali in Indonesia.

The above discussion suddenly reminds me too that mention way made of a
Buddhist jataka variant on some facet of Krishna's life.  Checking my HD
memory, this is all I can recover: Jim Hartzell
<jh at>, in 1995 a graduate student at Columbia
university, was the source of this information, but I never followed up to
acquire the actual citation.

Michael Rabe

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