Panjabi grammar, accent, comparative analysis

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Tue Jul 8 20:06:42 UTC 1997

In an earlier response to B. Reusch's inquiry, I mentioned that I would try
to get from my university's library the particulars of a relevant book. I
now have the particulars. The book, written in excellent
scholarly/Sanskritic Hindi, does not have much on accent (it is sparse on
the phonetic aspect in general) but is a mine of information on lexical,
morphological etc. continuities between Punjabi and Sanskrit (standing
frequently for Vedic / Vedic Sanskrit).

The book also discusses the relationship between Punjabi and Sanskrit

The details are: Dr. Syama Deva Parasara [= ;syaama deva paaraa;sara].
1990. Samskrta tatha panjabi ke sambandha. Hoshiarpur: Visvesvarananda
Vaidika Sodha Samsthana. Visvesvarananda Bharata-bharati Grantha-mala 81.
LC no. PK423 P37 1990.

Ashok Aklujkar
Professor, Dept. of Asian Studies, University of British Columbia,
Vancouver, B.C., Canada V6T 1Z2.

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