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Tue Jan 28 01:11:18 UTC 1997

Dear Members of the list!

Once again I have been assigned to a title I (yet) don't deserve.
I'm not a >Dr.< but if at all a >Mr.<, that means an ordinary student of
Indology at Cologne University, Germany.

As I'm now writing anyway to the LIST I might as well share with You that I
regard the discussion I currently had with Mr. Mittal as closed.
Mr. Mittal has been so kind and patient with me to explain his point of view
and my apprehension that INDOLOGY gets floated with commercial messages
doesn't apply to Mr. Mittal's thorough and helpful research on rare literature.

I'm grateful to all of You to provide me the platform to discuss controversial
issues and to exchange personal views as such.
Thus I felt free to post Mr. Mittal's reply to the LIST so that You can
follow our open and frank exchange of thoughts. I have answered him
personally as I don't believe that the further discussion concerns the
topics which INDOLOGY is provided for.

By the way I would like to thank everybody replying to my DURGA query.
You provided me with exactly the sources I was looking for.

                        SARVE BHAVANTU SUKHINAH/
                         SARVE SANTU NIRAMAYAH/
                        SARVE BHADRANI PASYANTU/
                      MA KASCHIT DUKHA BHAG BHAVET/
                        OM SHANTI SHANTI SHANTI//
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