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My training is in English Literature (William Blake, John Milton,
17th-century Radical Dissent pamphlet literature). However, as a practicing
Vaisnava for many years, I am familiar with much of the great literature
written originally in Sanskrit. Now I find that Kaavya has become more than
a personal interest; it has become a professional interest.

I have been bumbling in the dark trying to master the secondary literature.
Perhaps some members of this conference know who the great Kaavya critics
are, especially ones who are currently alive and well with whom I could
develop an intellectual relationship. Much of what I have read seems to be a
waste of my time. I have encountered some gems (e.g. D. Wulff, V.N. Misra,
R. Goldman), but an awful lot of the literature seems to be eurocentric,
racist and sexist, etc. I can, of course, read through all that, but it
seems much simpler to find out who writes on Kaavya that actually likes what
he or she is writing about and has some respect for the culture that
produced it.

Thank you,

One who desires domination over a kingdom or an empire should worship the
Manus. One who desires victory over an enemy should worship the demons, and
one who desires sense gratification should worship the moon. But one who
desires nothing of material enjoyment should worship the Supreme Personality
of Godhead. SB 2.3.9


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