Svara for Yajurveda mantra

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Wed Jan 29 07:12:46 UTC 1997

Girish Sharma <girish at> wrote:

> In the Shuklayajurveda mantra 32.6, the second paada, yena sva.h ...
> I found one reference with no svara for sva.h, while five others
> have what appears like an anudaatta with a small vertical line on
> the left side (|_____).  In the Rigveda for this mantra the word
> has a svarita.
> Could someone please explain the meaning of the yajurveda marking?

That accent mark indicates jaatya svarita (non-Taittiriiya Yajurveda) --
see table on page 24 of ISCII (1991) standard.  The word sva.h is listed 
with svarita in Monier-Williams' Dictionary (i.e. it should be jaatya).

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