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On Mon, 27 Jan 1997, Sudipto Chatterjee wrote:

> "sAyan" is a synonym for "sUrya". So, how about "sAyanI"or, even, "sAyanA"?
> Since we are talking about Indic names...I thought I'd ask you folks if
> anyone knows the meaning of the GArgi. I know who she is in the upanishhads,
> but what does the name mean?

I have looked in Maneka Gandhi's: The Penguin Book of Hindu Names, 
Viking, New Delhi 1992. On page 128 it says: GArgI: 1) churn; a vessel for 
holding water. 2) a BrahmavAdinI or learned woman born in the GArga 
family (M.Bh.)

Hope it can be of any use!


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