A meter in the Bhagavata Purana

Ashok Aklujkar aklujkar at unixg.ubc.ca
Fri Jan 24 05:41:33 UTC 1997

 In response to the query regarding the metre in Bhagavat 10.31, my son 
Muktak tells me that Apte does list the meter on p. 16 of Appendix A (II) 
in Vol. 3, by the names Raajaha.msii and Vibhuu.sa.naa. Arindam 
Chakravarti told him that from verse 10.31.01 the name Indiraa is 
commonly applied to the meter. It is a variety of Kaamadaa.

On Tue, 21 Jan 1997, B. Reusch wrote:

> A collegue who is not on any online discussion list has asked if I can post
> up the following for him. His dissertation is due soon and a little last
> minute help will be greatly appreciated. Thanks.
> Svicchaabhih.
> Beatrice
> >> It's about a poetic meter that I have found in the Bhagavata that I
> >>cannot identify.  The meter is clearly within the trishtubh category (11
> >>syllables per pada), but Apte does not identify its specific type within
> >>this category in the rather comprehensive listing in the back of The
> >>Practical Sanskrit-English Dictionary of poetic meters.  Here is the
> >>pattern with letter abbreviations (L = laghu or light syllable; G = guru
> >>or long or heavy syllable; / = gana or divider of syllable groups)
> >>indicating the pattern of light and heavy syllables within the pada of
> >>this particular verse:
> L L L / G L G / G L G / L G
> This pattern appears prominently in the 31st chapter of the tenth book of the
> Bhagavata, verses 1 through 18.  Is this metrical pattern an  unidentified
> pattern, or is there a source for identifying this specific pattern in this
> important chapter of the Bhagavata, and if so, what is the source and what is
> this pattern called?
> Graham

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