quick check of Atthasaalinii

jonathan.silk at wmich.edu jonathan.silk at wmich.edu
Wed Jan 22 00:29:22 UTC 1997

Another appeal for a quick reference:

In the Pali text Atthasaalinii, ed. Mueller (PTS), p. 246 at the top, the
yogaavacarakulaputtaa are compared to paccantavaasino amaccaa, frontier
dwelling minis
ters, who defeat bandits who are identified with "twelve kinds of immoral
consciousness."  I no longer have the Pali text at hand, but I need to know
the Pali t
erm for "twelve kinds of immoral consciousness."  Is it akusalacittaani? 
Would someone mind just checking this quickly for me?

Sorry to trouble the list with such silly questions!

J Silk

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