re IG/IE, Germans and other scum

Robert J. Zydenbos zydenbos at
Thu Feb 27 18:34:56 UTC 1997

I would like to thank some of the list members for proving my point, for
demonstrating to our Indian friends that there is something like a low
caste in the West, and for implicitly indicating that L.S. Cousins may
have merely given examples of exceptional minds that are a bit deranged,
like my own.

So it is wrong to say anything friendly about the Dalitas of Europe (who
were the only crazed romantics the world has ever known) because
everything all of them except Bopp have done before 1933 was in
preparation of 1933, and their descendents are all genetically damaged
and dangerous. I crave everybody's forgiveness for my stupidity, and I
will not do it again. :-)

Since I have already said I will not publicize details of my ancestry, I
may dash off a note to colleague Silk in private.

Back to the point of the thread now:

jb> "I can't approve the term Indogermanic, as I don't 
jb> see why one would take the Germanic people as representing all
jb> the people of our continent".

Still I think that Iceland in the far west is Germanic, just as India in
the far east is 'indo'. Why should Bopp want to include the whole of
Europe, while leaving out the Iranians and the other Asians up to India,
thus making 'indo' represent the whole of the Asian branch? If one wants
to be selective anyway, then IG is more consistent than IE, so I see
nothing wrong in it. (Sorry, people, forget it, please don't respond.
The majority has already spoken and condemned. I will not react any
more, not even to ad hominem sneers and other vulgarities.)

History is important; but it is mere history, and the people who made it
are dead (like the Vikings, Genghis Khan, Napoleon, and others). Please
don't pester their (grand-)children, who were not even there at the
time. That's all.


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