re IG/IE, Germans and other scum

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Fri Feb 28 13:29:45 UTC 1997

Although RZ has asked us not to respond to his last post, and although the
list has seen enough of this thread [I'm sure], and although I myself swore
off of it after my last post, one final word, it seems to me, needs saying:

The history of Indology can and should be discussed.  The references by
Dominik and Edwin Bryant [et al.] show that others have considered these
questions important as well.

And none of this implies any general or personal hostility toward the
so-called "Dalitas of Europe", nor, more pertinently, toward any member on
this list.

Of course, I'm sure that for most of us, this goes without saying.  But
sometimes it seems a good idea to say it anyway.

Best wishes, really,

George Thompson

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