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Mon Feb 24 10:50:58 UTC 1997

On Sun, 23 Feb 1997, Lars Martin Fosse wrote:  

> But if you personally don't 
> want to be referred to as "the English scholar Dominik Wujastyk", 
> I can drop  the "English" bit in future publications. A lot of people
> will then probably assume that you are Polish.

Yes, please do drop "the English...".  Of course, like anyone, I would be
proud of the assumption of Polish nationality, but actually my sense of
national affinity is weak to the point of non-existence.  Most of my early
life was spent in Madeira, Lisbon, Khartoum, Malakal, Entebbe, and finally
Mgarr (a village in Malta).  I came to England for university, and I do
hold a British passport, it is true.  But my wife was born in Dar es
Salaam, her father in Shanghai, her mother in Sri Lanka, my sister-in-law
in Aden, my father in Lublin, my step-brother in Germany, my mother in
Kent, etc., etc.  Make of that what you will.  Although I like Britain
very much as a place to live and work, I've also had extremely enjoyable
sojurns in America, India, and Germany. 

Perhaps this background accounts for why I find this issue of "German" 
this, "French" that, and "English" the other so peculiar, and so
profoundly irrelevant. 

All the best,

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