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Sun Feb 23 16:28:56 UTC 1997

Lars raises an interesting point. Wops are generally 
regarded as southern Europeans. Frogs, of course, are the 

To the purist a Wog is a Westernized Oriental Gentleman. 
But, in common usage it means anyone living on the wrong 
side of the English Channel, which is why we always feel 
sorry for Europeans when fog isolates the continent from 

It's also probably worth noting that our national poet 
laureate, Rudyard Kipling, has often been wrongly accused 
of racism because of his line "the lesser breeds without 
the law." Most people think that this is a reference to 
Africans or perhaps Indians. It was not! Kipling loved 
India and enjoyed his time in South Africa.

	The "lesser breeds" were our European wards the 
Austrians, Germans and other folk who don't understand 
gamesmanship and complain when the English defeat them in 
things like soccer. Of course, when we are defeated they 
get very upset if our lads riot. It's really not fair.

So what are you? Probably a Viking.

Sincerely, Baldrick, Basil Faulty and Andy Capp

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