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Mon Feb 24 10:52:56 UTC 1997

On 23 Feb 97 at 12:58, Lars Martin Fosse wrote:

>I would like to thank Prof. Hexham for his most timely crash course in
>modern English. I am happy to see that something good finally came out of
>the discussion on German Indology (or was it ideology??). 
>On a more personal note, may I ask a question: As a Norwegian, should I be
>classified as a wop or a wog?
>Best regards,
>Lars Martin Fosse

Dear Lars, 

Neither. You're a Nog. The Norwegian Society at this university was 
always known as Nog Soc, by members of all nationalities. 

This nickname seems virtually unique in that it has absolutely no
racist overtones, and is entirely positive and friendly.

My personal theory is ascribes this to the fact that for decades, one
of the best-loved characters in children's stories has been Noggin
the Nog, king of an imaginary but clearly Nordic people called the
Nogs, with his faithful henchman Thor Nogson, and his wicked uncle
Nogbad The Bad ... you get the picture. 

The author achieve the not inconsiderable feat of telling enthralling
but utterly wholesome stories set in a saga-like world, but entirely
non-violent: even the dragons do nothing worse than turn things
temporarily to ice by breathing on them. 

However, I digress. I'll shut up so that we can get back to Indology.


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