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David Magier magier at
Fri Feb 21 20:53:55 UTC 1997

> I only wish that there were as convenient lists for other groups of 
> Indologists.  Perhaps the listings in process of compilation by the
> IIAS  at Leiden will 
> go some way towards it, although inevitably any publication will be
> bulkier and so less  convenient to handle, since all of Asian
> Studies will be covered.

The International Directory of South Asia Scholars has the advantages
of being easy to handle (since it's online, it's not "heavy"),
universally available, and free. It attempts to be comprehensive for
all of the fields of South Asian Studies (obviously including
Indology), but excludes other regions of Asia. It contains both
detailed contact information, addresses, affiliations, phones, fax,
emails, web addresses, etc., as well as detailed descriptions of the
works and interests of the listed scholars. (It does NOT index for
nationality!) Finally, unlike printed directories, it has the great
advantage of being keyword-searchable. Type in "Ayurveda" and you'll
pull up a listing of all the world's scholars who have listed that
within their detailed descriptions of what they do.

You will find the Directory within SARAI (South Asia Resource Access
on the Internet), which is on the web at:

and it can also be accessed by telnet or by The South Asia
Gopher. Please contact me by email (magier at if you wish
to receive a form to have an entry for yourself added to the

Thank you,
David Magier
Columbia University

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