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Fri Feb 21 19:02:51 UTC 1997

Dominik raised a very interesting point when he mentioned that some scholars
refer to authors adding their nationality.  I realize, when I think about it,
that I have done this -- but I think there can be a reason, at least
sometimes.  I have referred in print to Louis de la Vallee Poussin as a
"great Belgian scholar" or something like that, and probably to Lamotte in
more or less the same words. On the other hand, it has never occurred to me
to refer to Madhav Deshpande as an "Indian scholar," or to my teacher Luis
Gomez as a "great Puerto Rican Buddhologist," -- the latter sounding to me
absurd, not because there are not Puerto Rican Buddhologists, but because it
is absolutely irrelevant.  Still, for some reason with La Vallee Poussin it
sounds reasonable, and to refer to Scherbatsky as a Russian also sounds
reasonable.  Am I the only one who feels this way?  (I mean, upon reflection,
and not only reflexively).

Jonathan Silk

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