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Gabriele Zeller gabriele.zeller at
Thu Feb 20 15:11:35 UTC 1997

Pardon my curiosity: what is this book 'German ideology' about?

Hello, all intereseted in 'German Indology',
it is a small booklet (xerocopied) containing the addresses of 
Indological institutions in Germany, Austria and Switzerland, as well 
as the addresses of all German scholars of Indian and Tibetan studies. It 
was compiled by the now retired Dieter Schlingloff, Professor of  
Institut fuer Indologie und Iranistik in Munich. It is quite useful, 
but unfortunately does not contain the email-addresses. It had been 
'updated' over the years by the Munich colleagues (not very often 
because it is still a pre-computer product) but I am not sure whether 
the collection of datas is being continued after Prof Schlingloff's 

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