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Fri Feb 21 08:47:58 UTC 1997

>Thanks to Gabriele Zeller for describing the book 'German Indology'
>I was very startled when I first saw this little book some years ago. 
>Such a production in the United Kingdom would be quite beyond the pale. 
>It wouldn't be a problem listing the Oriental Institutes in Britain, say,
>but to go further and list the details of all British-born scholars
>working elsewhere in the world just on the basis of their nationality
>would be felt to be distasteful, to say the least.
>To do "German Indology" credit, it does list Emmerick in Hamburg, in spite
>of his Australian nationality (at least I assume he still holds an ozzie
>passport).  But this goes against the spirit of the booklet.
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It could have been worse. They might have called it 'Germanic Indology'.

Max Nihom

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