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Thu Feb 6 19:11:54 UTC 1997

        On 28 November 1996, I informed the members of this list that a
guaranteed Summer Sanskrit course -- that is, a course not dependent on
attracting the enrolment that Summer school directors consider necessary to
make the course pay for itself -- will be offered at the University of
British Columbia, Vancouver, B.C., Canada during the 6 weeks between 7 July
and 15 August , 1997 (the course final examination will take place on
Saturday,16 August, morning).

        I am happy to be able to add that there will most probably be some
bursaries to offer to those students who complete the course
satisfactorily.  (The fee for the course (subject to Board of Governors
approval) will approximately be Canadian $459 for Canadian citizens and
permanent residents of Canada and 2.5 times this amount for international
students (C$1147.50 = approximately US $825.00).

       Please note:
         International students should apply to UBC for admission by 28
February 1997.  The documentation in support of their application should be
received by 15 April 1997.
       Applications from others should be received by 15 April. The
documentation deadline for them is 15 June.
        Those students who are already registered at other universities
should send their applications to the attention of  Associate Registrar,
Admissions, Registrar's Office, University of B.C., Vancouver, B.C., Canada
V6T 1Z1 , with the clarification "applying in the Visitor category" written
prominently on the application and the envelope. The documentation in their
case includes a letter of permission from the home university to take a
specific course, an official transcript and a filled-out application form.

        For requesting application forms, the address is: Registrar's
Office, Rm. 2016 - 1874 East Mall, Brock Hall, U.B.C., Vancouver, B.C.,
Canada V6T 1Z1.
        The official designation of the course is "Introductory Sanskrit"
OR "Sanskrit 102 (951)." [The last number is attached when the course is
given outside the regular Winter Session period.]  It will count for 6
credits at the University of British Columbia. It will meet for three hours
every Monday, Tuesday, Thursday and Friday from 9:A.M. to noon.

         A copy of the student evaluations of the course may be requested
by writing to Secretary, Dept. of Asian Studies, University of B.C.,
Vancouver, B.C., Canda V6T 1Z2: "Please send me the course evaluation for
Sanskrit 102 (951, Summer 1996).Æ The same message may be given on
telephone 604-822-3881 or <astudies at>.

        If you need more information, please contact me (Prof. Ashok
Aklujkar) (<aklujkar at>, tel: 604-822-5185, fax 604-822-8937) or
read the more detailed posting of 28 Nov 96 in the list archive.

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