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On Wed, 17 Dec 1997, R.K. Harding wrote:

> I am working at the moment on topographical names in and around Rajgir
> (ancient Rajagrha/Girivraja).  In B.C.Law's Rajagriha in Ancient
> Literature there are two lists of names for the five mountains which
> surround Girivraja.  Both are supposed to be in the Sabhaparvan, the first
> in 21.2 (Bombay ed), the second 21.11.  However, the second list isn't
> there; and according to Sorenson is not in the Mbh at all.  Could anyone
> help me with information as to indices I might look in which are
> similar to Sorenson and cover other texts (e.g. Jain sutras)
> In case you come across the list in your reading somewhere it is:
> Pandara:Vipula: Varahaka: Chaityaka: Matango

This list appears in the Southern Recension MSS only: Crit. Ed. p. 104,
asterisked passage 206.

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