Delocutives (Was: Grahas epithets)

Martin Gansten mgansten at SBBS.SE
Fri Dec 12 19:29:28 UTC 1997

>If "guruM tvaMkrtya" in the above means "having used/said "you" to address
>the teacher" then yes. Is this what it means here? I'm specifically asking
>about a _transitive_ use of those kR compound. Is this the case here?

Yes, it is. I looked it up: na vaktavya.m praajñai.h shi.syai.h katha.mcana
        guror agre na vaktavyam asatya.m ca kadaacana
        guru.m guru.m nirjitya vaadata.h
        ara.nye nirjale deshe sa bhaved brahmaraak.sasa.h
That one line stuck in my memory because it is the only indication I've seen
in Sanskrit literature of "thou" being considered a sometimes too familiar
form of address. But perhaps the text reflects the usage of some vernacular?
In any case, it seems clear that forms like "guru.m tva.mkaroti" are
acceptable at least by Puranic standards.

Martin Gansten

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