Q. A story reference

Thu Dec 11 17:03:26 UTC 1997

         Q. A story reference

In a medieval Tamil text, some 16 stories are told of
men doing different things for the sake of 'kaamam'. Each
story is briefly narrated in a few lines.

Is there a Sanskrit or any other Indian language text
or oral/folk version giving the following story.

A guru would not give his ultimate secret teaching
to a disciple for a long time. Whenever the student
attempts, the guru refuses citing the student's immaturity
as the reason. The guru sends off the eager student on a
 time-consuming, national yatra and to Himalayan foothills.
For years, the disciple did not come back.
The guru is nearing death. A street theater performer girl is
given the ultimate teaching by the Guru while the guru's
disciple was away. Upon return, the student learns
about his guru's demise and  drinks the spitting of the street
dancer in order to learn the ultimate mantra which she only knows.

Thanks for any help.

N. Ganesan
nas_ng at lms420.jsc.nasa.gov

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