Delocutives (Was: Grahas epithets)

Jacob Baltuch jacob.baltuch at EURONET.BE
Fri Dec 12 18:53:39 UTC 1997

Martin Gansten wrote:

>>Incidentally (this is a question -- if you can't stand "inane"
>>questions don't read this) can the same construction apply to
>>address sounds ?bhooH-karooti, ?dhik-karooti or even vocatives
>I recall a line from the Gurugiitaa: guru.m Is
>this the sort of thing you mean?

If "guruM tvaMkrtya" in the above means "having used/said "you" to address
the teacher" then yes. Is this what it means here? I'm specifically asking
about a _transitive_ use of those kR compound. Is this the case here?

(Incidentally that's the same difference between the delocutive meaning
"to utter X" (intransitive) and "to call someone X, to say X to someone"
(transitive) which was mentioned in another post. Maybe one should use
the term "delocutive" only for the latter use?)

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