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I wrote..

>>Those who can not explain this to me would symbolically lose ownership of
>>Vedic materials.

Dominique.Thillaud wrote..

> Hence, I can't agree with you. If you are a Veda's lover, please,
>don't act as vRtra !

Traditionally, such statements are an accepted practice in the study of
Indology.  In the past (Vedic period),  the scholars used to make
pronouncements such as "Your head will fall" to each other.  Or sometimes
someone may intervene a yajJa and put up a question to the performers, and
restrict them from continuing further until the issue is resolved.  The idea
implied here is that, accuracy of concepts is of utmost importance.  People
are willing to lose their heads (even I am!) in the search for the truth.  My
statement is serious, but it was just meant to be a example of that practice.

The idea behind such statements is not an expression of pride or to deprive
others of any resources.  It is to stop others from a wrong procedure in
yajJa, or simply forcing the audience to turn their attention to the person
making the interjection.  Such harsh pronouncements are a necessity to avoid
the trap of mediocrity.  The pronouncements do not really take effect except
in case of serious non-compliance.

Inspite of the fact that such stringent steps were taken to maintain accuracy
and authenticity, today Vedas remained the most undecipherable texts and are
being ridiculed or branded as a "self serving creation of priestly cadres" by
a section of modern scholars, because the key to understanding them was lost
many thousands of years ago.

Bijoy Misra wrote...

>On rescuing vedas, Jayadeva wrote:

>PraLayaprayodhijaLe dhR^tavanasi vedam
>keshavadhR^ta mInas'arIra..

Please translate this for me.  I do not understand Sanskrit.  My area of work
is interpretation of Veda for prANAyAmA and neuro-fuzzy theories.  I am
finding the lack of Sanskrit knowledge and classical Indian music (karnAtic
etc) as a major handicap.

>I humbly admit that these are beyond me, could be for others (loan or no
>loan).  Are there rewards for the efforts?  Why not post your "answers"

I can provide a partial answer for the moment.  In the post Vedic era the
first major breakthrough in interpreting the scriptures was made by bhagvAn
buddha.  The fact that his conclusion was to reject the Vedas was of secondary
importance for me.  Adi zaGkarA followed his track and brought out advaitA as
the essence of upaniSats, and reestablished the supremacy of Vedas.

However he missed out a few items by which the theory of advaitA can be
applied to further analyze the basic Vedic symbols such as indra, bRhaspati
etc.  His initiative was not followed up and we lost 2000 years.  In fact the
perversion had gone to such a level that people even started hating advaitA.
Even famous personalities expressed an opinion whether the subject is of any
use.  Well, theoretically it can not be of any use, because any "use" is
within the cause-effect chain.

Efforts are currently underway to take up the next step, that is, to apply
advaitA to explain the basic vedic symbols.  I am not sure I can crack all the
symbols.  Items like azvins or tvaSTR would take considerable time, may be
even decades.  I am really looking for people who have skills like prANAyAmA
(a necessity) and who also know sanskrit, metres, music etc.  The reward is..
your name will be recorded forever on the subject!  I will announce any new
findings to this LISTSERV.  No need to check my site frequently.  I owe you
the answers.

Bhadraiah Mallampalli

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