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Tue Dec 9 11:11:57 UTC 1997

On Sun, 7 Dec 1997, Vaidix wrote:

> Please let me explain the work effort that has gone into Rg.Veda.  Even if we
> accept the myopic 1500BC as the date when RG Veda was composed, it is 3500
> years ago from now.  There were 1000 recensions of it as we were told, and
> today we have just one or two.  Therefore on an average we have 500 recensions
> at any time assuming a straight line method of loss.  Assuming 100 people are
> needed to maintain each recension (about 10 Hindu Undivided families of 10
> people each including housewives, and the palm leaf workers), the total work
> effort regarding RG Veda is 3500 X 500 X 100 = 175 million man years.  If you
> consider the fact that most of these materials were lost after 1000AD
> (therefore straight line method is not valid), and the fact that RG Veda is
> much older than 1500BC; and the fact that more than the miniscule 100 people
> worked on each recension at any time, the work effort regarding RG Veda must
> be many billion man years.
On rescuing vedas, Jayadeva wrote:

PraLayaprayodhijaLe dhR^tavanasi vedam
keshavadhR^ta mInas'arIra..

> Now for those who still do not want to yield, here is my part of the challenge
> regarding the subject I know.
> 1.  Define the deities BRhaspati, indra, maruts, viSNu and Rudra in terms of
> components of knowledge namely the Known, the Unknown and the Desirable, and
> explain to me their positions in the human body, and the meditations and
> prANAyAmAs regarding them.
> 2.  Explain to me clearly the meaning of consecration sacrifice in terms of
> agni and viSNu along with the meditation regarding consecration sacrifice.

I humbly admit that these are beyond me, could be for others (loan or no
loan).  Are there rewards for the efforts?  Why not post your "answers"

- BM

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