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Bijoy Misra bmisra at FAS.HARVARD.EDU
Thu Dec 11 22:55:32 UTC 1997

On Wed, 10 Dec 1997, Vaidix wrote:

> >PraLayaprayodhijaLe dhR^tavanasi vedam
> >vihitavahitracharitamakhedam
> >keshavadhR^ta mInas'arIra..
> Please translate this for me.  I do not understand Sanskrit.  My area of work
> is interpretation of Veda for prANAyAmA and neuro-fuzzy theories.

Since one of our goals is to promote Sanskrit, you should pick up a
dictionary and figure out.  This is not heard.  This is from Geetagovinda.
You might enjoy it.

> I can provide a partial answer for the moment.  In the post Vedic era the
> first major breakthrough in interpreting the scriptures was made by bhagvAn
> buddha.  The fact that his conclusion was to reject the Vedas was of secondary
> importance for me.  Adi zaGkarA followed his track and brought out advaitA as
> the essence of upaniSats, and reestablished the supremacy of Vedas.
> However he missed out a few items by which the theory of advaitA can be
> applied to further analyze the basic Vedic symbols such as indra, bRhaspati
> etc.  His initiative was not followed up and we lost 2000 years.  In fact the
> perversion had gone to such a level that people even started hating advaitA.
> Even famous personalities expressed an opinion whether the subject is of any
> use.  Well, theoretically it can not be of any use, because any "use" is
> within the cause-effect chain.
> Efforts are currently underway to take up the next step, that is, to apply
> advaitA to explain the basic vedic symbols.  I am not sure I can crack all the
> symbols.  Items like azvins or tvaSTR would take considerable time, may be
> even decades.  I am really looking for people who have skills like prANAyAmA
> (a necessity) and who also know sanskrit, metres, music etc.  The reward is..
> your name will be recorded forever on the subject!  I will announce any new
> findings to this LISTSERV.  No need to check my site frequently.  I owe you
> the answers.

Interesting.  Let's know as you find.

- BM

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