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Bijoy Misra bmisra at FAS.HARVARD.EDU
Mon Dec 8 15:00:11 UTC 1997

Bijoy Misra

On Mon, 8 Dec 1997, Dominique.Thillaud wrote:

>         "The flowing waters of a spring are for everyone, nobody have the
> right to seize it and restrain it's use"
Two ways a stream gets dry: Put a dam at the source.  I think
this happened to stifle production more than once.

Or, if the outtake is more than the input.  It's the latter
in progress in recent times (IMHO)

How do you take care of the stream?  Make embankments.
Let the stream flow and survive..  Enjoy it, not owning it!

I will have more comments on other topics later.

- Bijoy Misra

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