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>>  asmaa'kam bodhi avitaa' tanuu'naam |
>> cf. Geldner (HOS 1951, III:  7) "sei der Beschutzer unserer Leiber"-- I'm
>> sure I am missing something obvious . . . but I have trouble fitting both
>> tanuunaam and bodhi in light of Geldner's reading.  Muir doesn't treat it,
>> nor does Elizarenkova or Maurer, sadly (as also with 2.9.2 below).
>as avitaa' with bodhi based upon what I get
>****end correction****

It seems to me that Geldner interprets bodhi as from the root bhuu. We would
then have to reconstruct something like *bhuH-dhi (compare yu;n-dhi for yuj)
with an irregular guna in the second person sg., cf. irregular second person
plural imperatives like e-tana, braviitana, stota, han-tana instead of itana
etc. (See Macdonell p. 142). Since *bhuH-dhi contains to aspirates, the
first i deaspirated (cf. *bhudh- > *budh). This should give bodhi.

Hope I am not totally off the mark.

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