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Ramalingam Shanmugalingam AppuArchie at AOL.COM
Tue Dec 2 16:09:23 UTC 1997

vanhakkam Dr. Ganesan
      I have difficulty in going to a Tamil Lexicon and hence approached Dr.
Velu of Upssala. He has suggested you. However, since your above posting I
did not want to trouble you. I will await the Lexicon to come on line. Even
then I doubt as my computer is a PS1 upgraded to 486 with a 28.8 modem and I
am on AOL latest version as my internet server. There are times my modem
connection get stopped while hunting. Some downloads never come down. Any
suggestion other than replace computer for now.
      I remember, Dr. Velu in one of his papers suggested that Tamilology?
should be included as a section under Indology or a separate entity
altogeather. I wonder any follow up is in the offing. I am studying
'mozhiNUl' by Dr. Mu. Varatharasan amidst my eagerness to complete
Perungkavikko Va. Mu. Sethuraman's Ph.D. Thesis  before 1988 - a yeoman task
but very instructive and a pleasure. The quality of the end product as judged
by persons of your Tamil love and experties will determine whether it merits
      NanRi anpudan Shan. December 2, 1997.

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