A New Prakrit Dialect

stautzebach stautzebach at METRONET.DE
Tue Dec 2 21:50:50 UTC 1997

On "http://www.sai-uni-heidelberg.de/pub/b151-200" a creative-web-designed
listing some books published by the SAI Heidelberg I found my thesis
titled with "Priik and Sarvasamataik". This may be considered a western
Prakrit-Dialect omitting each non-latin letter.

As you know the term "Priik" may also be written as "Paarishikshaa" or
"Parisiksa" or something like this. Perhaps Altavista will know some day
I hope the SAI Heidelberg (South-Asia-Institute (including indology)) will
continue to develop western Prakrit for the benefit of indological

Ralf Stautzebach (stautzebach at metronet.de)

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