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Tue Dec 2 01:59:22 UTC 1997

Reference: Sarasvati River

I am glad to announce a new `path-breaking' website related to new
discoveries about Sarasvati river and its civilization.

Please browse through

It is path-breaking because, collaborative indological studies have
led to the formulation of Peoples' Development Projects, making the
studies meaningful to the lives of millions of people, if properly

The site entertains with slide shows, vivid maps and
an image library to celebrate the world heritage of the Vedic
Sarasvati River. It also includes an 180-page monograph and a
comprehensive bibliography.

For a person interested in details, the coverage is an integration of
multi-faceted studies:
geology, hydrology, glaciology;
archaeology, vedic and ancient texts (with translations);
indological perspectives from Sanskrit and Tamil literary sources;
analyses of remote sensing images and synoptic(mosaic) views from space;
tritium analysis by nuclear physicists to confirm the ancient
coursesof the river and groundwater sanctuaries;
natural history of the River Basin in N and NW India.

The website presents Sarasvati River Basin Development Projects for:
groundwater resources,
drainage systems in NW India,
cultivation in semi-arid and marshy lands of high-income yielding
tree-crops and salicornia, sub-surface drainage systems and
afforestation to control salinity and ongoing desertification.

Obviously, we need a lot of help from professionals like you and other
people interested in cherishing our heritage and further developing
the region.  Please forward the message to your friends interested in
the topic.

If you need any additional information and details
please send me a message at kalyan97 at or call me in US, Tel.
1 510 793 8485 (till mid-January '98).

You can as well write to me at this address:
Dr. S. Kalyanaraman, 19 Temple Avenue, Srinagar Colony Saidapet,
Chennai 600015, India; Tel. +91 44 2354640;

I am also available to visit your institute for presentations or
further discussion on this important subject.


Dr. Kalyanraman
kalyan97 at

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