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>        I known the ziva's story and His name tripuraghna, but I don't
>understand how it can explain the name tripurasundarI and I was not
>searching for a theological but for a mythical explanation (where sundarI
>has simply the meaning 'woman').
>        Please, don't see any offense against your religion (we have
>probably the same pitaras), but my scope is the archaic forms of It and I
>subscribed to Indology with comparativist intentions. My main interrest for
>the name tripurasundarI is that it can perhaps (?) explain some obscure
>Greek names as Tripolis, tripolos, Triptolemos or Tritogeneia.
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>Dominique THILLAUD
>Universite' de Nice Sophia-Antipolis, France

I have given one historical answer in my paper "The coming of the Aryans to
Iran and India and the cultural and ethnic identity of the Daasas",
published in Studia Orientalia vol. 64, 1988, pp. 195-302. See especially
the chapters entitled "The goddess and the fort" (pp. 256-259) and "The
'autumnal fort' and Zambara" (pp. 259-264).
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