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Dear colleagues,
I am doing a cross-linguistic survey of taste terms, and I would appreciate
your assistance with the following questionnaire, focusing on the taste term
Thanking you in advance,


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A. Please translate these words and phrases. Provide alternative
translations if there are any, and gloss the translations where this helps
to understand them.

1. sugar is sweet
2. salt
3. sweet pie
4. sweet apple
5. sweet tea
6. fresh water (as opposed to salt or sea water)
7. full-fat milk (as opposed to low-fat or skimmed)
8. fresh milk (as opposed to sour)
9. non-salted butter
10. tasty soup
11. cooked ham
12. sweet potatoes
13. sweets
14. sweet cane
15. mild cheese
16. orange (the fruit)
17. ice-cream
18. good taste
19. cold food
20. sweet words
21. sweet baby
22. sweet heart
23. sweet life (dolce vita)
24. sweet-smelling
25. sharp knife
26. sound sleep
27. mild climate
28. brown (gold-brown, red-brown)
29. mellow colour
30. own sister
31. ring-finger
32. shin

B.  Could you mention any other uses of 'sweet' you can think of in this
language,  i.e. any other things that 'sweet' applies to?

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