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Sun Apr 27 21:22:24 UTC 1997

Op 27-apr-97 schreef Nadejda Moiseeva:

>Dear colleagues,
>I am doing a cross-linguistic survey of taste terms, and I would appreciate
>your assistance with the following questionnaire, focusing on the taste term
>Thanking you in advance,

>Are you a native speaker?
>Your name
erik hoogcarspel
>How to contact you
jehms at globalxs.nl

>A. Please translate these words and phrases. Provide alternative
>translations if there are any, and gloss the translations where this helps
>to understand them.

>1. sugar is sweet
suiker is zoet
>2. salt
>3. sweet pie
> zoete koek, zoete taart
>4. sweet apple
> zoete appel
>5. sweet tea
> thee met suiker
>6. fresh water (as opposed to salt or sea water)
> zoet water
>7. full-fat milk (as opposed to low-fat or skimmed)
> volle melk
>8. fresh milk (as opposed to sour)
> zoete melk
>9. non-salted butter
> ongezouten boter
>10. tasty soup
> lekkere soep
>11. cooked ham
> gekookte ham
>12. sweet potatoes
> zoete aardappel
>13. sweets
> zoetigheid
>14. sweet cane
> suikerriet
>15. mild cheese
> jonge kaas
>16. orange (the fruit)
> sinaasappel
>17. ice-cream
> ijsje
>18. good taste
> goede smaak
>19. cold food
> koud eten, broodmaaltijd
>20. sweet words
> lieve woordjes
>21. sweet baby
> schattige baby
>22. sweet heart
> lieverd, liefje
>23. sweet life (dolce vita)
> een onbekommerd leven 
>24. sweet-smelling
> aangenaam geurend
>25. sharp knife
> scherp mes
>26. sound sleep
> diepe slaap
>27. mild climate
> mild klimaat
>28. brown (gold-brown, red-brown)
> bruin, goudkleurig
>29. mellow colour
> pasteltint
>30. own sister
> (eigen) zuster
>31. ring-finger
> ringvinger
>32. shin
>B.  Could you mention any other uses of 'sweet' you can think of in this
>language,  i.e. any other things that 'sweet' applies to?
zoete broodjes bakken (appeasing talk), zoetgevoisd (havign a nice voice),
zoethouden (to keep silent or occupied), mierzoet (very sweet)

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