VYAKARAN: Re: Classical Sanskrit Accent

jacob.baltuch at infoboard.be jacob.baltuch at infoboard.be
Sun Apr 6 17:03:21 UTC 1997

This's a thread which originated on VYAKARAN and for some reason
was redirected by Madhav Deshpande to Indology. Am I correct in
assuming most of the people on Indology are also on VYAKARAN?
(In any case if you haven't seen Michael Witzel's post Madhav
Deshpande had been responding to, just ask me for it in email)

Madhav Deshpande wrote:

>The most important feature I have always
>noticed, and is imperceptibly also part of my own personal pronunciation,
>is that the Sentence intonation of modern Sanskrit is almost exclusively
>connected with one's regional language.

Then, putting this together with Michael Witzel's statement about
the source of the "classical Sanskrit accent rule," that it apparently
could be due to Buehler and have originated in his observation of
the practice of Marathi pandits [I am paraphrasing what I think MW
said; I hope it is correct], can we conclude that rule is nothing
but the accent rule of Marathi? Do you recognize any Marathi accent
rule in there?


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