VYAKARAN: Re: Classical Sanskrit Accent

jacob.baltuch at infoboard.be jacob.baltuch at infoboard.be
Sun Apr 6 17:49:44 UTC 1997

I don't normally post corrections to my English mistakes but this one
could lead to misunderstading. I wrote:

>Then, putting this together with Michael Witzel's statement about
>the source of the "classical Sanskrit accent rule," that it apparently
>could be due to Buehler and have originated in his observation of
>the practice of Marathi pandits [I am paraphrasing what I think MW
>said; I hope it is correct] [...]

I meant "I hope this [how I had just paraphrased MW] is correct", and
of course not "I hope it [what MW had said] is correct".


ps: and while I'm at it, I wrote

>(In any case if you haven't seen Michael Witzel's post Madhav
>Deshpande had been responding to, just ask me for it in email)

Of course I meant, "the post Madhav Deshpande was responding to".

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