Danielou and Tamil Musicology

Srinivasan Pichumani srini at engin.umich.edu
Wed Apr 2 16:47:02 UTC 1997

	>      . . .  Since the time [Danielou] produced this book [The 
	> Ankle Bracelet in translation], there has been considerable
	> progress in Tamil musicology. However, due to the separation of
	> language studies and music/musicological studies in the present day
	> Tamilnadu, one side does not know what is happening on the other
	> side. Dr. S. Ramanathan's work in his dissertation on music of
	> cilappatikaram at Wesleyan was further advanced by Dr. V. P. K.
	> Sundaram currently at Bharatidasan University in Tiruchirappalli.

	While not acquainted with this field & its literature, must say I'm a 
	bit curious abt. the work you mention from the late singer/scholar S. 
	Ramanathan.  Do you happen to know if if Ramanathan's study (or 
	studies) found their way into print?

This is the only one in English I have seen -

 Author:         Ramanathan, S., 1917-
 Title:          Music in Cilappatikaaram : <as described in the ancient epic
                   by Ilankovatikal> / S. Ramanathan.
 Published:      Madurai, Tamilnadu, S. India : Madurai-Kamaraj University,
 Description:    xix, 196 p. : ill. ; 23 cm.
 SUBJECT HEADINGS (Library of Congress; use s=):
                 Ilankovatikal. Cilappatikaram
                 Music--India--History and criticism.
 Notes:          In English or Tamil (roman).
                 Originally presented as thesis (Ph. D.)--Wesleyan University.
		 Bibliography: p. 192-195.

	> The 82-year old Dr. Sundaram has cleared many obscurities and errors
	> with regard to ancient Tamil musicology . . . . .  and clearly
	> established the basic musical scale of ancient Tamils as 'cempAlaip
	> paN' or present rAga harikAmbodi. 

	Might you (off hand) be able to identify the Hindustani-system 
	equivalent raga (supposing that there must be one, at least in terms 
	of the scale)?  Again, this is from simple curiousity ...

KamAj thAT.


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