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> I have searched high and low, up and down, and all around for the
> following, but I have so far had no luck at all. Now I'm beginning to
> wonder if this has even "come down" to us from the seventeenth century.
> The work is:
> 	(Prau.dha)manoramAkha.n.danam
> The author is:
> 	CakrapA.nidatta or " or just
> It is an attack on the SiddhAntakaumudI of Bha.t.toji DIk.sita.
> With the help of our loyal but sometimes mystified interlibrary loan
> people here, I have checked all the libraries in the major universities
> in Canada, and the libraries in most of the major universities of the US.
> I  will be grateful for any suggestions.

     The work has "come down" to us and has been printed.  According to the
_New Catalogus Catalogorum_ (Vol. 6, p. 283),'s
_Prau.dhamanoramaakha.n.dana_ was published as _Pandit Reprints_ 50 (no
date is given); it mentions no other edition, but obviously the work must
have been printed previously in some issue of _The Pandit_.  I hope this
information is of some help to you.

                                         Lawrence J. McCrea
                                         (University of Chicago)

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