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As I communicated to Hueckstedt in a personal message, this work was
published in sections in volumes of the journal Pandita between 1910 (Nos
1-3, Vol. XXXII) to 1914 (Nos 1-3, Vol. XXXVI), and was then separately
published in book form (with the front page saying "Reprinted from the
Pandit") in 1916.  Many years ago, I made a photocopy from the volumes of
Pandita at the Harvard Library.  It goes up to pp. 134 and ends with the
discussion of the Karma kaaraka.  It was edited by Vindhyeshwari Prasada
Dvivedin and Ganapati Sastri Mokate.  Printed and published in Benares by
Bhagavati Prasad for E.J. Lazarus & Co., at the Medical Hall Press, 1916.

	Madhav Deshpande

On Wed, 9 Oct 1996, Lawrence J. McCrea wrote:

> In message Tue,  8 Oct 1996 21:11:45 BST,
>   Hueckstedt <hueckst at cc.UManitoba.CA>  writes:
> >
> > I have searched high and low, up and down, and all around for the
> > following, but I have so far had no luck at all. Now I'm beginning to
> > wonder if this has even "come down" to us from the seventeenth century.
> > The work is:
> > 	(Prau.dha)manoramAkha.n.danam
> > The author is:
> > 	CakrapA.nidatta or " or just
> >
> > It is an attack on the SiddhAntakaumudI of Bha.t.toji DIk.sita.
> >
> > With the help of our loyal but sometimes mystified interlibrary loan
> > people here, I have checked all the libraries in the major universities
> > in Canada, and the libraries in most of the major universities of the US.
> > I  will be grateful for any suggestions.
>      The work has "come down" to us and has been printed.  According to the
> _New Catalogus Catalogorum_ (Vol. 6, p. 283),'s
> _Prau.dhamanoramaakha.n.dana_ was published as _Pandit Reprints_ 50 (no
> date is given); it mentions no other edition, but obviously the work must
> have been printed previously in some issue of _The Pandit_.  I hope this
> information is of some help to you.
>                                     Sincerely,
>                                          Lawrence J. McCrea
>                                          (University of Chicago)

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