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Wed Nov 20 13:15:31 UTC 1996

>> Gary J Hausman sagte :

>       I don't know whether this stuff is either online or in print, but
> I can give you bibliographial references for those catalogs that I read
> through during a visit to Orbit House in 1992:
> 1) A Catalogue of the Tamil Books in the Library of the British Museum,
> Compiled by L. D. Barnett & G. O. Pope, 1909.
> 2) A Supplementary Catalogue of the Tamil Books in the Library of the
> 3) Second Supplementary Catalogue of Tamil Books in the British Library
Thanks for the information! Recently I found 'a catalogue of Telugu books
in the lib. of British Museum', compiled by the same person: L. D. Barnett,
in U. of Gvttingen library.
A Catalogue of the Telugu books in the Library of the British Museum /
Compiles by L. D. Barnett. - London, 1912     
   Signatur: LS1:KMC 200:a = 4 HLL IX, 2433

I am curious to know if there are any supplemenatries to the above mentioned
book also.

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