On Bindi, Tikka or Tilak (fwd)

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Subject:  Re: On Bindi, Tikka or Tilak

I have a longish discussion of this topic in chapter 14.4 (p. 261ff.) of my
book "Deciphering the Indus script" (Cambridge 1994). With best regards,
Asko Parpola

>Dear Indologists,
>I write this on behalf of a colleague who is not a member of this list.
>She says:
>    I am still looking for documentation on the linkage between the
>    "tikka" worn on Hindu women's foreheads and the concept of Shakti. I'd
>    appreciate anything you might be able to tell me.  Keep in touch.
>I remember having read a few posts on this subject but I am not sure if
>they appeared on this list. Since I have been unable to search the
>Indology archives (I have misplaced the http://... address), hence this
>request for assistance. Would appreciate your indulgence in this matter.
>Sushil Jain
>asia at uwindsor.ca

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