pari w/acc = towards?

Vidhyanath Rao vidynath at
Fri Nov 8 14:58:59 UTC 1996

[forwarded to the list at Domonik's request.]

I'm at home sick today, without access to books, but my first instinct
with questions like this is to turn to the superb book _Sanskrit Syntax_
by Speyer.  One of my all-time favourite Sanksrit grammar books, and I
would expect him to have addressed your query.

Does anyone on INDOLOGY descend from Speyer's paramparaa?  On the evidence
of the above book, he was an extremely sensitive reader of Sanskrit texts,
with a great working knowledge of Panini, and must have been a very
interesting teacher. 

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My [Nath's] remark: I find Speyer quite helpful. But, not in this particular
case. In his discussion of Panini 1.4.90 (in connection with abhi and
pari), Speyer gives to the meaning of around/about to pari, abhi, anu and
prati. But `prati = about' isless credible than `pari = towards'. [But while
discussing prati, Speyer assigns the meaning `towards' to prati.]

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