Dominik Wujastyk ucgadkw at ucl.ac.uk
Thu Nov 7 15:44:53 UTC 1996

On Thu, 7 Nov 1996, Kenneth G. Zysk wrote:

> Can anyone help me
> in obtaining a program with Sanskrit diacritics that will work on my new
> system? Many thanks, Ken Zysk

If you log on to the INDOLOGY web site,

and choose the "INDOLOGY supplementary files" area, and then "software",
you will find two professional fonts which contain most of what you need
to type Sanskrit within MS Word for Windows (any windows version).  
Choose the "TrueType" versions, i.e., the ones with TTF in the name.
The two fonts are Bistream Charter and Utopia, which differe slightly
in design. Each one includes normal, bold, italic, and bold italic.

You will need to unzip the package when you have transferred the file
to your pc.  So you will need one of the many free unzip packages.

Then you will need to install the font.  This is something that should be
explained in your Windows manual.

Finally, you will want to use the "insert symbol" menu in Word to set up
some comfortable keystroke macros for typing (I use control+a,i,u etc. to
get a+macron, etc, and alt+a,i,u etc. to get the capital letter

Best wishes,

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