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>Technology keeps putting me out of date. I recently obtained a computer
>that has Windows 95 and Microsoft Office 7.0 (professional) pre-intalled.
I> am slowly making the transition from an old Dos system (by old I mean
>only 5 years), and was told by the technical help people (I have their
>number on my automatic dial) that I should not attempt to install any
>program that is not specifically setup for Windows 95. Can anyone help me
>in obtaining a program with Sanskrit diacritics that will work on my new
>system? Many thanks, Ken Zysk
 First of all it is complete nonsense that Windows 95 will not run old
software. In fact, I have dozens of old programs that run better on Winows95
than they did on Win3.1 or DOS. Also, I build/sell computers and have
installed Windows 95 on several dozen systems. There definitely are some
hardware compatibility problems, but most seem to have gone away over the last
year. Once the hardware is up and running, software almost always works.

In terms of a better program for Sanskrit, both roman and Devanagri fonts,
Ralph Bunker and Peter Freund are working on software and fonts that have
great promise, and will run on several platforms. I am very impressed by beta
version but don't know how soon they will want to release to the public. You
can contact them directly: ralphbunker at or pfreund at

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