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Leo Facq Leofacq at msn.com
Mon May 20 14:25:34 UTC 1996

Dear Mrs.Harzer,
Many thanks for the reference. We have written to the Center to order a copy 
of the book. 
Yours Faithfully
Leofacq at msn.com

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Dear Leo,
the full title is

to the Sanskrit Language.
(2nd edition, revised)
Robert Goldman and Sally Sutherland (his wife)

published by
Center for South and Southeast Asia Studies 1987.

Available from this center=same name +
Publications Program, 2223 Fulton St., 3rd Floor
University of California, Berkeley, 
California 94720, USA.

Good luck,
Edeltraud Harzer Clear, Indiana University, Bloomington,USA.
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> From: 	Leo
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> To: 	'indology-request at liverpool.ac.uk'
> Subject: 	A Bookreference
> Dear Indologists, 
> I'm currently looking for the following book "Devavaa.niipravezikaa" by 
> Goldman and (second name unknown to me).
> Could anyone give me full references on this book, which I need to acquire 
> ASAP. Please list publisher , ISN number (if available) and possibly a 
> bookshop I can order it from, preferably in Europe
> Many Thanks ahead,
> Leo Facq
> leofacq at msn.com

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