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Allen Thrasher athr at
Thu May 2 19:00:18 UTC 1996

Members of Indology and SACAP may be interested in the following serial 
that has recently come across my desk:

Directory of Buddhist and Indic Studies in Japan
Tokyo: The Centre for East Asian Cultural Studies for Unesco, the Toyo Bunko
ISBN [sic, but we're treating it as a serial] 4-89656-211-9

The list of scholars is alphabetical (no cross-indexing by specialty, 
institution, etc.) and for each is given: Name in Roman and Kanji, 
title, institution, address, and specialty (in English only).

The preface indicates it is intended to update it (no periodicity 
specified) and that in the interim the information will be kept on a 
computer for constant updating.


The Centre for East Asian Cultural Studies for Unesco
The Toyo Bunko (Oriental Library)
Honkomagome 2-28-21, Bunkyo-ku
Tokyo 113, Japan

Allen Thrasher

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