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Sun May 19 11:01:48 UTC 1996


>The kind of etymologizing above that Girish suggests is fanciful is
>characteristic of pre-Paninian thinking, especially in Yaska's Nirukta. It
>is also characteristic, if I may say so, of non-Paninian thinking, i.e.,
>one finds it in the literature of authors who were either not acquainted
>with Panini, or who were more interested in associative and symbolic
>thinking than in Paninian bit-twiddling.

This is quite interesting as many of the traditional paNDitas do things like 
that so may be they are as influenced by Yaksha as by Panini. There is 
obviously a difference between westerners and paNDitas in the teaching and 
learning of Sanskrit. This may be a PhD topic... Quick, a student!! :-)


Girish Beeharry

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