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Sun May 19 10:49:05 UTC 1996


Luis Arnold Gonzalez-Reimann said:

>Guru, as the name of the planet Jupiter, is surely not intended to mean 
>heavy, but, rather, important, it is BRhaspati, the preceptor of the 
>gods, and so the equivalent of Jupiter/Zeus.  That shani means slow is 
>surely connected to the fact that it is the slowest of the planets known 
>in antiquity. This, in itself, does not establish who first discovered 
>that it was the slowest, but it was part of the astronomical/astrological 
>knowledge transmitted from the mediterranean to India. In fact, it is an 
>important part of the astrological symbolism of Saturn, as the one who 
>establishes limits, and is associated with patience, perseverance and 

>As for jagata, which I suppose you mean as the rotating earth, the word 
>jagat means something that moves, that is alive.  So it also means people 
>or animals.  It probably means the earth by extension, that is, the 
>place of the living.  Trying to read into it the knowledge of the earth's 
>rotation is highly speculative.

This is interesting but is only one reading of it. If you talk to a paNDita, 
who has learned from tradition, you might get a different answer. I am a lay 
person; whom to believe? :-)


Girish Beeharry

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