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>Astronomy (and of course astrology) has been a part of Indian society since the
>vedic times. It has been a living tradition which has existed continuously all
>through the ages. The concepts of Nakshtras, tithis, rasis, planets, precession
>of the equinoxes,the days can all be found in the vedas and is certainly older
>than the vedas. There has been a continuous stream of astronomers and their
>works throught the ages,contributing to the pool of knowledge. VedAnga
>jyotisha,sUrya prajnApti, AryabhatIya,Pancha siddhAntika,lIlAvati,have
>incorporated the sidereal astronomy of the vedas. One can not simply discount
>the earlier references quoted in the SiddhantAs, because they are not available
>now and attribute every thing to the Greeks.

Maybe those of you who take part in this discussion would like to read the
following papers:

Georg von Simson, Die Buddhas der Vorzeit: Versuch einer
astralmythologischen Deutung. StII (Studien zur Indologie und Iranistik),
1981. 7: p. 77-91.

Georg von Simson, The mythic background of the Mahabharata. Indol. Taur.,
1984. 12: p. 191-223.

Georg von Simson, Die zeitmythische Struktur des Mahabharata, i
Bopp-Symposium 1992 der Humboldt-Universitat zu Berlin, Reinhard
Sternemann, Editor. 1992, Univesitatsverlag C. Winter: Heidelberg. p.

Furthermore, these titles might be of interest:

J. Filliozat, Ancient relations between Indian and Foreign Astronomical
Systems. Journal of Oriental Research, Madras, 1955-1956. XXV(I-IV).

Hugh Thurston, Early Astronomy. 1994, New York: Springer Verlag.

Rolf Muller, Der Himmel uber dem Menschen der Steinzeit. Astronomie und
Mathematik in den Bauten der Megalithkulturen. 1970, Berlin:
Springer-Verlag. VIII + 153.

There is no reason to believe that early peoples had no astronomical
interests. After all, what did they watch at night? TV?

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