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Girish Beeharry wrote:

>This again brings the matter back to my original query; have people in
>Indological studies done work on dating using astronomy? If not, can
>someone please tell me whether work is currently being done in this area?

The following articles might be of interest:

Herman Jacobi, Methods and tables for verifying Hindu dates, tithis,
eclipses, nakshatras etc. IA, 1888. 17: p. 145-181.

Herman Jacobi, The computation of Hindu dates in inscriptions etc.
Epigraphia Indica, 1894. 2: p. 403-460.

Herman Jacobi, Der vedische Kalender und das Alter des Veda. ZDMG, 1895.
49: p. 218-230.

I think, however, that astronomical data are more difficult to use than one
would imagine at the outset. Not being well acquainted with this kind of
problem, I let the matter rest there.

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